Artisan, Organic, and Specialty Products.

Our Product Categories

From handcrafted home goods to gourmet delights and premium supplements, each category offers a unique array of high-quality products that inspire, nourish, and elevate. Discover the perfect additions to your shelves and delight your customers with our selection of artisan, organic, and specialty items.

Home Goods

Elevate your shelves with our curated collection of artisanal home goods. Add charm and style to any of your retail shelves.

• Sustainable Art & Jewelry

• Fine Art Stickers


Stock your shelves with heavy metal free spices, unique oils, and more that will attract food enthusiasts.

• Superior Organic Spices

• Premium Coffee

• Artisanal Mushroom Products

• Hazelnut Oil and Flour


Empower your customers to prioritize their health with nature-backed ingredients, making your store a trusted source for organic wellness solutions.

• Organic Herbal Supplements

• Organic Hemp Products

• CBD-Infused Wellness Products

Interested in learning more about becoming a Zehava Retail Partner?

We are always looking to expand our retail partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner or would like to request samples of our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to learn more about your store and see if our products might be a good fit.